Matthew D. Warner, PLS


Matt Warner is the Director of Survey of Honor Engineer Company. He has nearly 20 years of experience and is a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in Pennsylvania, New York, and Kentucky. He holds a B.S. degree in Land Surveying from The Pennsylvania State University. Operating within the Geospatial and A-E community for his entire professional career, Matt has a diverse background, network and knowledge of these intertwined professions and their influence on successful project outcomes. 

As a Governor appointed member of the Pennsylvania State Geospatial Coordinating Board representing the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors, Matt understands the capabilities of the team, when collaborating, are greater than the contributions of any single agency/entity. Working cooperatively with those diverse professional, private, local, state, and federal organizations has yielded quality, client-focused services when facing multidisciplinary projects and objectives.

Matt continues to serve the land surveying educational system by active participation on the Penn State Surveying Program Industrial Advisory Committee through which the University’s ABET Accreditation is maintained with guidance, involvement, and professional advisement from members of the practicing community throughout the Commonwealth and the across the country. 

Matthew D. Warner, PLS

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