James E. Hartman, PLS


James is a 1994 graduate of Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Anthropology. He worked in the field of Archaeology until the year 2000, when he decided to pursue a career in Land Surveying. After completing the required time and testing, James earned his license as a Professional Land Surveyor in 2011. His entire career of surveying has been spent with this firm and he has enjoyed every facet of surveying from field technician, to party chief, to project manager and in 2009 until present, as a shareholder. He is the Director of Surveying at Honor Engineer Co.

James has a passion for the surveying and mapping industry. He has extensive knowledge in land surveying engineering, with a specialty in subdivision planning and design. He is an active and involved member with the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors and serves on his local municipality’s Planning Commission and formerly with the Zoning Hearing Board. His extensive experience and contacts have proven invaluable in his daily tasks.

James E. Hartman, PLS

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