Surveying Projects

Geospatial Work

Honor Engineer Co. has performed on many high-profile projects in government, private, utility and healthcare markets. Hover over or click on a project below for more information.

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Boundary Marking

Boundary Blazing

Honor performed as the prime contractor to mark approximately 75 miles of boundary line for the park. Honor is blazed trees with yellow paint to meet contract standards and hanging signs every 100 feet to mark the federal property. Honor conducted an initial GNSS survey to ensure datum coincides with GIS data provided by the NPS and to ensure boundary files agree with existing monumentation. Challenges include rough terrain with limited access (UTV or foot travel only), dangerous wildlife, complying with wilderness restrictions, and lack of communication services.

Hampton VA Medical Center Facility Topography

Boundary and Topographic Survey

Honor is performing as the prime contractor to provide surveying services to the facility. Honor and its team has provided aerial photography and LiDAR data and generated the base mapping for the project. Honor was responsible for the geodetic site control and photo identifiable points, supplemental mapping edits, utility surveys, and boundary determination for the 88-acre site. Honor was also for setting 24 site benchmarks, including 3 primary marks which met NGS Class B Rod Mark standards.  

Fort Indiantown Gap Potable Water Distribution Line Replacement

Topographic Survey and Civil Engineering

Honor is performing as a subcontractor to provide surveying and engineering services to the Design Build Contractor. Honor and its team provided mobile LiDAR acquisition used to generate the base mapping along the 5-mile route of the water line replacement project. Honor was also responsible for the geodetic site and LiDAR control, supplemental mapping edits, utility surveys, and stream crossing surveys. Once the project is in construction phase, Honor shall provide construction stakeout, and compile as-built drawings.

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery Expansion

Survey and Stormwater

Honor Engineer Co. is performing as a subconsultant on the Phase 5 development project.  Honor is performing geodetic survey, aerial ground control and mapping coordination, supplemental mapping survey, and boundary location of the site. Honor is also providing stormwater management design, erosion and sediment control plans, and is responsible for securing a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, for master planning and the 30-acre expansion area.

Penn State Health Hershey Medical Center Emergency Room Expansion

Construction Consulting and layout

Honor recommended and was responsible for accurately locating and verifying the horizontal and vertical positions of columns and cap plates of the existing hospital facilities, which were set for future construction. This information was utilized to size and orient the proposed steel structure addition. Layout was then provided for the new steel columns for the proposed addition, utilities, and other site work. Topographic and utility surveys were provided to verify existing conditions of the site, including an enclosed walking bridge to ensure proper clearances.


Topographic Survey

The surveyors of Honor Engineer Co. performed a topographic survey for the stream area and bridge structures for hydrologic/hydraulic analysis of the Conococheague Creek. Honor utilized GPS and conventional surveying methods for a topographic cross-section survey of over 1,000 feet of stream and collected detailed bridge information. 

Northside Crossing ALTA Survey and Aerial Mapping

Survey and Drone Imagery

Honor Engineer Co. conducted a boundary and topographic survey which met the 2016 ALTA/NSPS survey standards. Honor utilized a drone to capture high resolution aerial photography and rectified the imagery to ground control points. Although FAA clearance was not necessary, Honor coordinated with the local airport to ensure a safe flight. Honor collected accurate data on over 36 acres and created detailed mapping. The survey was delivered on-time to meet client settlement.

Palmyra Borough Sanitary Sewer Inventory and Mapping

GIS Data Collection

Honor Engineer Co. created a database of over 500 sanitary manhole features in the Borough. The skilled staff collected accurate RTK GPS positions of the features, as well as detailed attribute information to include invert elevations, pipe information, condition of manholes and photographs. Information was used to create features within GIS. The data was then compiled into a useful interactive project map within ArcGIS. 

Ft. Indiantown Gap Boundary Marking

Boundary Blazing and Monument Resets

Honor performed as the prime contractor to mark approximately 50 miles of boundary line for the installation. Honor blazed trees with paint to meet state standards and hung approximately 1,000 signs to alert potential trespassers of the military property. Honor also replaced any lost property corners or their witness posts. Challenges included coordinating with range control for safety, as the base is home to several active firing ranges. Honor staff was trained to identify force protection issues and unexploded ordinance. Much of the terrain is rough and mountains.


Topographic and Utility Survey

Honor performed a topographic survey of areas around a comfort station and a functional horse barn for the design of a new sewer line. Honor located topographic features including test pit locations, utilities, and other site improvements. Detailed information, including pipe sizes, types and invert elevations, of a 15-manole sanitary sewer run was collected as part of this survey.  


Geodetic Control and CAD Services

Honor Engineer Co. conducted a geodetic control and supplemental field surveys for the mapping of a 313-acre site along a 2.6-mile corridor. We set 18 aerial control targets and created a network utilizing RTK and static GPS methods. Honor then gathered field data and created easement plats for a new section of sanitary sewer. Honor plotted deed geometry and adjusted deed lines to match field evidence. Honor created 28 easement plats in AutoCAD and wrote legal descriptions for temporary and permanent easements for construction.

PAWC Central District Surveying and Permitting

Topographic Survey

Honor performed as a subcontractor to provide surveying services for 3 waterline replacement projects totaling approximately 2 miles. Honor and its team provided mobile LiDAR acquisition and generated base mapping for the project . Honor was also responsible for the geodetic site and LiDAR control, supplemental mapping edits, additional topographic, ADA ramp, and utility surveys.