Engineering Projects

Engineering Work

Honor Engineer Co. has performed on many high-profile projects in government, private, utility and healthcare markets. Hover over or click on a project below for more information.

Castle Point VAMC Water Tower Rennovation

Utility Engineering

Honor is providing professional services to include complete drawings, cost estimates, technical reports, specifications, and construction period services for project 620A4-20-107 Rehabilitate Water Tower #106 at the Castle Point VAMC, 41 Castle Point Road, Wappingers Falls, NY. The objective of the project is to design working drawings and specifications detailing the necessary work to modernize the existing infrastructure in addition to maintaining and repairing the existing 300,000 gallon potable water storage tower. 


Civil Engineering

Honor is serving as the lead civil engineer to the prime consultant. Honor is responsible for all aspects of site planning and layout for the $40,000,000 bypass improvements project. We are reviewing technical reports and plans produced by the design team to ensure feasibility during construction. Honor is also assisting with front-end and technical specifications used for the bidding and construction phases. 

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery Expansion

Survey and Stormwater

Honor Engineer Co. is performing as a subconsultant on the Phase 5 development project.  Honor is performing geodetic survey, aerial ground control and mapping coordination, supplemental mapping survey, and boundary location of the site. Honor is also providing stormwater management design, erosion and sediment control plans, and is responsible for securing a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, for master planning and the 30-acre expansion area.

PA DGS - Quehanna Boot Camp D-Block Expansion

Civil Engineering and Land Surveying

Honor is performing as a subcontractor on the PA State facility project. We have provided topographic survey and are currently conducting civil engineering. Services include site layout, parking lot expansion, utility design and local land development coordination to support the new building. 

PAWC - Frackville Water Treatment Plant Flood Study

Flood Study and Land Surveying

Honor performed a flood study to determine if an existing building needed flood protection for during an expansion and upgrade of the water treatment plant. Honor performed the study utilizing HEC-RAS software to determine the base flood elevations at the building..

East Pennsboro Township Authority Basin Retrofits

Stormwater Management

Honor is performing survey, infiltration testing, stormwater analysis and retrofit design of eight stormwater basins across the township. Honor is also responsible for preparing construction plans, written erosion and sediment control (E&S) plans, and specifications for each basin retrofit based on the design report. Analyses include both pre-retrofits and post-retrofits to confirm that the calculated capacities will not be diminished by the retrofit work. Honor provides separate reports for each basin detailing the basin capacities as well as the calculated sediment load reduction.

Washington Crossing National Cemetery - Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management and NPDES Permitting

Honor Engineer Co. performed as a subconsultant on a Design-Build Team for a cemetery expansion project. Honor provided stormwater management calculations that proved existing facilities could handle new improvements without modification, saving significant construction dollars. Honor was also responsible for obtaining an NPDES construction permit through the Bucks County Conservation District. 

Hampden Township Good Hope Fire Co. Basin Retrofit

Stormwater Management

Honor Engineer Co. was responsible for performing stormwater analysis and retrofit design for the facilities at the fire station for the expansion of a new training area. Analysis of the fire station’s existing stormwater management facilities was performed from data from previous design. Redesigned basin to accommodate existing impervious area draining and the additional impervious area from new training area (rate and volume) to maximize the potential for sediment reduction credits. Credits were estimated using conforming methods to satisfy the Chesapeake Bay Program Office.

Harrisburg Area Community College Stormwater Fee Reduction

Stormwater Management

Honor Engineer Co. performed field inspections and review of record drawings of existing improvements and stormwater management facilities at the Harrisburg campus of HACC. Honor prepared credit and appeal applications to Capital Region Water to reflect actual conditions. The effort resulted in a reduced monthly stormwater fee and saved the college over 10%. 

National Cemetery of the Alleghenies - NPDES Permitting

Stormwater Management

Honor created plan revisions to a stormwater management facility and to the erosion and sediment controls based on changed site conditions. Honor coordinated with the VA and contractor to create plans for two borrow areas which were not included in the construction plans. Honor worked closely with the Washington County Conservation District to acquire an NPDES Major Amendment which allowed construction to continue.

Roundtop Residential Subdivision and Site Design

Subdivision and Stormwater Management

Honor created a subdivision for a 42-acre area of ground. The parcel contained two tracts which were reconfigured to create 2 new uniform lots. After the subdivision plan was approved, the site layout and stormwater management facilities were designed. To treat the runoff generated by the new impervious areas which were located within two separate watersheds, an underground infiltration trench was designed to treat the runoff to the front of the property, and an above ground infiltration basin was designed for runoff to the rear. 


Land Development and Stormwater Management

Honor Engineer Co. performed site design and surveying services for this commercial site. The boundary survey cleared up line discrepancies and the existing conditions plan showed detailed zoning requirements. The site layout included a 13-space parking lot and a handicap ramp designed to ADA standards. Infiltration testing was performed, and an underground infiltration bed was designed to capture the increase in stormwater runoff.