Gather with Honor

The team at Honor Engineer Company is very proud to announce the formation of Gather with Honor, a 501(c)(19) Veterans Organization. 

Honor Engineer Co. President and CEO, Douglas Allwein states “Spending time deployed in combat zones with other soldiers has formed bonds stronger than steel.  Once we transitioned out of military service, I found those relationships are difficult to maintain.  We all go back to our hometowns and live separate lives, each with our own baggage from the wars.  It is very difficult to reconnect in person.”

Gather with Honor aims to reunite veterans with their battle buddies.  It will fund airfare, lodging, and host events for veterans across the country.  Gather with Honor feels that the reunions will prove to veterans that they are not alone, and that those with whom they served are facing the same issues.  We believe that this will continue the comradery and aid in the mental well-being of the veterans which we serve.  If nothing else, it will bring smiles to their faces as they reminisce about the old times.

In addition to various donors and fundraising events, Honor Engineer Company has pledged 20% of its yearly profits to support Gather with Honor.  Please check out and stay tuned for membership details, donation information, and volunteer opportunities.

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